Kind Software

Software for humans

Work in Progress

This is just a work in progress right now. If you'd like to contribute, you can fork this repository or contact Rachel at

What is Kind software?

Kind Software is a type of software - software whose teams strive to make software that respects the developers and users. By supporting Kind Software, you are making a statement that you are going to treat everybody with respect - users, developers, and anyone else.

How does it help the users?

Humans use software to make their lives easier. However, in the modern day, often humans become the product. Though most traditional social media, people get access to the network for free, but in turn they are turned into products themselves; their information sold to companies.

Kind Software is about fighting against this. Humans should not be products to pull money out of. Our sole purpose is not to be advertised to, and to be consumers. Kind Software is about making ethical software that treats humans with respect and dignity.

What about Free/Open Source software?

Free and Open Source software is great - from the outside. People definitely should be able to modify their software to suit their needs and they should not need to rely on corporations with proprietary software in their daily lives.

However, one downfall of FOSS is on the inside: the communities built around the development of FOSS can easily become toxic, abandoning constructive criticism and civil discussion.

By labelling your project as Kind, you will be communicating a certain standard for your project. Your project should include a Code of Conduct

How to Be Kind

Kind Software principles. (Let me know if you have ideas)

Codes of Conduct

CoCs you can use for your projects, or reference to build your own CoC.